Elita Gives Back!

For Elita, making strides in the community is as important as forward fashion.
In that spirit, for each item purchased during the months of
January , February through until March15 2021,
we will be donating a much-needed item to various shelters across Canada
We believe every woman is an Elita woman.
During this unprecedented time - with so many of our fellow women
facing uncertain circumstances - we want to give back to organizations
that help directly get needed items to those most affected.
That is why for the Months of January & February, Elita will be matching purchases
made both online or in-person at one of our many independent retailers.
With those matching purchases,
Elita will be donating items to shelters across Canada.
Underwear is one of the least-donated items given to shelters, yet one of
the things that is most-needed. We feel an obligation to help support our women
in need. Here at Elita, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to do that.
Let’s face it - We know there are so many people out there that want to help
but are unsure how they can make a difference.
Here is a chance to make a real impact.
Elita has been a leader in the Canadian Intimates market for almost 30 years,
and with this campaign, we strive to help our clients feel good and
give back with their purchases.
Together, we can ensure women everywhere have their basic needs met.


  • Riva Kadey

    The best underwear

  • Tammy Fischer

    Would like to try sometime

  • Rebecca Packer

    I’m interested in knowing which shelters you donate to. Particularly if you donate to shelters that are local to me on Vancouver Island, BC. Is there a list I could peruse please? B

  • Nora Fernandez

    Yes, congratulations for thinking of women in shelter and their needs. I am honored to be part of this!

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